Need A Custom Store?

Are you looking for a online store for you company, organization, or group without spending an arm and a leg getting your own site built? You have come to the right place! Lakeshore Screen Printing and Embroidery can create your own online store at no cost to you.

Click on the demo store banner below to see what your store could look like. For more information please call us at 1.800.844.7895 or email us at it@lakeshorescreenprinting.com.

Create Your Custom Site

All of our customers are able to set up a store, for FREE, with items that we will print and ship to your customers. You do not need to buy the items in your store up front. We will order and print the items as they are ordered off of the site. We set the price of each item based off of how much the blank item costs and how much it will cost to print. If you would like, we can set up a fundraiser store where you tell how much you want to earn for each item and we will add that on to the materials and printing costs. At the end of the month we will send you the money earned from your store.

Each store comes with two banners with a logo you provide. The smaller of the two banners will be put up under a category that your store fits into and act as a link to your store. The larger banner will be put on the top of your page to make it unique and brand the store better.

You may choose from any of the items we are able to order. Click here to see some of the items we can order and have printed or embroidered. When you find something that you want to put up on your store give us a call or send an email to it@lakeshorescreenprinting.com. If you would like a little more guidance as to what you should order feel free to stop in and talk to our service team. We also have a wide variety of printed catalogs to look through. Customers purchasing from your store will be able to choose the color and size of the item.

Remember we will never send you a bill or charge you for your store. There are no rates, no hidden fees, and no update charges. This is a great way to promote you business, organization, team, band, or any other type of group you can think of. Don't forget, its Free!

Demo Site
Demo Site
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